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Molten Essence

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Molten Essence

Molten Essence
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​Molten Essence is a dual-layered metal art design. The multilayer and multi-panel combinations create sculptural depth and intriguing shadowing, giving this contemporary wall decor an added element that is missing from typical flat wall art. The set-back, rear layer has a swirl design texture applied to create an interesting framed backdrop. The raised front layers feature a fiery red/orange accent color. The unique satin matte finish contrasts nicely against the silvery metal back panel on each of the three sections. The intense burning red patterns on each panel are like the fiery core of the Earth, or the mysterious Red Planet - resembling the rock features on the face of Mars. A very powerful and emotional presence can be felt by looking on the deep crimson sheets, akin to the violence and energy of fire. The exciting blending of light and shadow gives this piece more dimension as it gives the piece an element of life.
Designer Nicholas Yust
Medium UV-Cured Acrylic Inks on Metal
Origin Made in USA
Size 38"W x 12"H x 3"D Overall, 12"W x 12"H x 3"D Each Panel
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