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Hot Jazz

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Hot Jazz

Hot Jazz
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Hot Jazz is an abstract wall art made from a single sheet of metal. Measured at 24 inches on each side, this ultra-modern wall art is made from a plain sheet of metal printed with a jazz-themed design. The use of different hues of red with various patterns gives this piece a quality of warmth similar to a beautifully rusted sheet of steel. Random patterns scattered within the piece of metal further highlights the theme of the piece by giving it shading and a new dimension. Like jazz, this piece has an element of spontaneity and vitality with a hint of improvisation. The mere randomness of the patterns, figures, and shades used on the sheet of metal is a tribute to jazz. The level of abstraction in the piece makes it very hard to define but observers can easily recognize the message conveyed by the piece. Nevertheless, it is an interesting piece to display in any modern space.
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