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Metal Art Studio | How Are We Different from Other Metal Art Dealers?

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Modern Artwork by Metal Art Studio

Premier Metal Art Dealer in the USA Although the unique processes we have established are unparalleled in the art world, there is more to our artwork than the engineering feats and technical achievements involved in pairing modern designs and metal 'canvases.' The purpose of our gallery is not to simply churn out high volumes of generic color combinations to appeal to the masses and get lost in the rest of the off-the-shelf decor haphazardly displayed throughout homes and offices - we are more than just another metal art dealer. Too many artists and art dealers are looking to be the next retail sensation, with designs that are just clever enough to get picked up, yet generic enough to fit the mold and accommodate a broad spectrum of styles and color palettes. Call us crazy, but this is where we choose to differentiate ourselves...

How is Metal Art Studio Different?

First, as I mentioned, our designs are all privately owned, so you will not find the same 'stock photos' or other generic scenery used by any other metal art dealers. The designs produced by Metal Art Studio are all inspired by our own artists and carefully brought to life through digital graphic design techniques - meaning they are created on a computer rather than a canvas. This allows us to customize details like color, size, orientation, panel layout, and just about any other customization without sacrificing any image quality or clarity.

Second, we are constantly designing and producing new designs. A sad truth about the art industry is that overseas manufacturers and art dealers have been known to steal popular designs and recreate them for their own purposes. Rather than wallowing in the mud, we simply continue to design and chase new inspiration for our artwork. We stay ahead of the curve, ahead of the trends, and ahead of any uninspired competition!

Third, which may have been somewhat implied in previous comments, is our extremely high quality and attention to detail. All of our 'Metal Art Studio' branded artwork is MADE IN THE USA. Now, please don't get me wrong here - I have travelled somewhat extensively (including a two year stint in a 3rd world country living as a local) and absolutely love the cultural differences our world has to offer. Let me be clear that Metal Art Studio is all about a global economy, and many of the highest quality products on the market today (in ANY industry) are manufactured, at least in part, overseas.

HOWEVER, all of that being said, for artists, galleries and dealers such as ourselves, the most effective way to keep our processes proprietary, our designs unique, our product lifecycle in control, and most importantly, our artwork of the highest quality, is to design and manufacture all of our metal art here in the United States. So whether or not some of the common assumptions about overseas manufacturing are true, the fact of the matter is we at Metal Art Studio do it all domestically, and are proud to say that our artwork is made in America. The quality of our artwork will speak volumes for our artisans who create it.
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