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Art for Men | Masculine Paintings | Man Cave Art

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Art for Men | Masculine Art

Arguably the best overall fit for these masculine paintings (in terms of measurable ROI, at least…) is the contemporary bachelor pad. Not only will it add a splash of color and obvious ambition to an otherwise drab apartment, but your taste in modern art and your selection of masculine decor will immediately capture the interest of your female visitors. If anything is going to seal the deal with the classy chick you coerced into your pad, I guarantee you that it will be your masculine art, cleanly displayed on your wall. You will be seen as the cultured alpha-male who combined modern aesthetics with a rugged edge. Brace yourself - she's gonna pounce...

Real men don't shop for art at Bed Bath and Beyond. Real men get it at ChromaMetalArt.com.

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American GloryAmerican Glory
American Glory 48x19American Glory 48x19
Black Stripe ClockBlack Stripe Clock
Blackout Black ClockBlackout Black Clock
Blackout Blue ClockBlackout Blue Clock
Blackout Green ClockBlackout Green Clock
Blue Silver EssenceBlue Silver Essence
Blue Stripe ClockBlue Stripe Clock
Blue/Pewter Land & SeaBlue/Pewter Land & Sea
Boiling PointBoiling Point
Cyber SpaceCyber Space
Dark EssenceDark Essence
Easter IslandEaster Island
Gold EssenceGold Essence
Green Stripe ClockGreen Stripe Clock
Implosion 48x19Implosion 48x19
Land & SeaLand & Sea
Land & Sea 60x24Land & Sea 60x24
Ocean ViewOcean View
Ocean View 48x19Ocean View 48x19
Rainbow SeasonsRainbow Seasons
Rainbow Seasons 48x19Rainbow Seasons 48x19
Red Black Silver EssenceRed Black Silver Essence
Red Green Blue EssenceRed Green Blue Essence
Retro AmericanaRetro Americana
Slate EssenceSlate Essence
Storm Black & WhiteStorm Black & White
Storm ColorStorm Color
Storm EssenceStorm Essence
Urban WallsUrban Walls

Modern Office Decor | Art for Guys

It doesn't matter if it is glistening in a sleek modern skyscraper or a tucked away in a cluttered corner - a man's office is his domain and he has to be comfortable in it. This collection of art for guys was specifically gathered to present the modern man with some masculine options for wall decor. Whether you are a male executive at the top looking to impress clients with your classy office decor, or a home-office junkie tucked away in a cluttered corner, you have to get some art up on the walls to make the office yours and, more importantly, to keep your sanity.

Man Cave Art | Paintings for Men

Now, for all of you men who find solace in your cold, dark basement. For every victorious father who was able to negotiate some square footage away from your wife for the man cave! Every guy has the sacred right to decorate his man cave however the hell he wants. Typically masculine art can be defined as flat screen TVs, foosball tables, neon beverage signs, posters and sports paraphernalia. Maybe a Fat Head on the wall. By all means, that all has its place. However, there are two types of effectively-decorated man caves: The first is the slick and modern man cave with some choice art for guys, leather recliners, simple side tables for nachos and a massive wall-mount flat screen. Very minimalistic and clean, with just a bit of masculine art as an accent. The other common man cave is the sports bar style "cluster," with every space on every wall filled with something that screams "MAN." Fortunately for either man, this artwork fits the bill. Whether it be the one piece of art on the clean wall, or just one of a hundred pieces of masculine decor in a collage, nothing will do the trick like these paintings.

Find your masculine painting today, and then tell the guys that the next poker night is at your place.

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