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Layered Multi-Panel Metal Art

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Layered Metal Wall Art

Although we are not the first to use multi-dimensional or layered techniques, we are the ones who have perfected it. Our unique metal medium gives us opportunities not available to other artists. Brushed or textured aluminum back panels create strong, geometrical frames and backdrops against the colored front panels, and the multi-layer structure adds dimension, texture and shading that cannot be achieved with a single-layer display. Although sold in sets, the design does not carry from one panel to the next, giving the decorator flexibility to hang the panels in horizontal, vertical, or even staggered displays. The limitless color and quantity combinations have made this collection particularly intriguing to the more creative decorators.

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Autumn EssenceAutumn Essence
Blue EssenceBlue Essence
Blue Silver EssenceBlue Silver Essence
Brown EssenceBrown Essence
Cherry EssenceCherry Essence
Dark EssenceDark Essence
Earth EssenceEarth Essence
Emerald EssenceEmerald Essence
Gold EssenceGold Essence
Green EssenceGreen Essence
Light EssenceLight Essence
Luminescense PanelsLuminescense Panels
Metallic EssenceMetallic Essence
Mint EssenceMint Essence
Molten EssenceMolten Essence
Nexus EssenceNexus Essence
Orange EssenceOrange Essence
Pewter EssencePewter Essence
Red Black Silver EssenceRed Black Silver Essence
Red EssenceRed Essence
Red Green Blue EssenceRed Green Blue Essence
Rusty EssenceRusty Essence
Seasonal EssenceSeasonal Essence
Slate EssenceSlate Essence
Storm EssenceStorm Essence
Turquoise EssenceTurquoise Essence
Violet EssenceViolet Essence
Warm EssenceWarm Essence
Yellow EssenceYellow Essence
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