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Copper/Earth-Tone Modern Art

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Contemporary Metal Art in Earth Tone Colors
The metal art in this gallery brings the joy and amazement of Mother Nature into your contemporary space.  The draw and intrigue of the great outdoors, reflected in the unique combinations of coppers, browns, blues, tans, and greens.  Elevate your space to new heights, and introduce a comfortably contemporary accent perfect for your space.

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Introduction to Earth Tones – Modern Metal Art
Earth Tones, as you see them in this gallery of modern art, constitute one of the primary branches of the color tree. These color tones are present all around us, all the time. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we engage with them to the point that they really require no introduction or definition. Speaking the words ‘earth tones’ bring the colors to mind. As apparent from the name, earth tones are color variations of Mother Nature. ‘Earth,’ in this context, refers quite directly to the earthen soil, the green and yellow leaves, the brown bark and branches, the blue drops of water, the tan and textured stones, and so on.

Color palette and its properties:
You will notice that our modern art in this gallery incorporates all shades of brown, from light to dark, along with tans, greys, whites and blues. Although some hues of these aforementioned colors do overlap in other categories (like warm and cool colors,) the relatively neutral and softer shades still find themselves rooted in this category (‘Rooted’..? Pun intended… =) Like most color families there will be some that overlap, but the trained eye can recognize the proper shades, combinations, clarity, and intensity of similar colors to determine how they fit together.

One commonality among earth color tones (as represented by this artwork) is that they tend to evoke feelings of tranquility and peace. They represent softer hues, which mix and match in comfortable combinations. This property of interchangeability works to your advantage as you exercise freedom in choosing the color tones and complementing them together to make a uniquely artistic palette. Artwork that uses earth tones tends to be pleasant and welcoming – not too loud, not too distracting. The pleasant serenity of Mother Nature is echoed through your art. Earth tones are blissfully mild and never go out of season – they are in for every occasion.

Artistic Uses and Incorporation of Earth Tones
Earth tones have a variety of uses and can be easily incorporated into your daily life, through furniture, wardrobe and interior décor. This color scheme is beautifully suited to the contemporary/traditional hybrid space. The earth tones are subtle, warm and endearing, which make them ideal for the sophisticated and delicate range of décor. These colors invoke the feeling of hospitality, warmth and peacefulness to the viewer. Such a gentle and welcoming impression is not only ideal for home décor but for your wardrobe collection as well. Another great advantage of these colors for wardrobe is that they complement your natural skin tones beautifully as well, because with all varieties of ethnicities, skin tone itself is a part of earth tone color palette.

The contemporary metal art in our gallery will contribute to your earth tone décor with spectacular results. But don’t take my word for it - try it yourself and see the endless combinations you can make by selecting any combination of earth tones and adding a little contemporary metal spark. Whether it’s the trendy teal shades working wonders with husky browns, or the sophistication of sky blue hues joined by the muted tranquility of greys, the sense of warmth and durability they bring to the your space immediately set it apart from the rest. The alluring artwork will uplift the mood of the viewer. They create a positive aura around them and give off the sense of familiarity and lovability, as reflected only in Mother Nature’s natural color palette.

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