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Student Scholarship, Portfolio & Product Launch...

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Contest Update:

Final review is underway, winner(s) of our 2014 contest to be announced shortly...  Stay tuned for details on our upcoming 2015 Scholarship Contest!
Calling All Student Artists! Original Design Contest On Now!
Metal Art Studio has officially launched its' first annual Student Design Competition! As you might guess, we specialize in metal art, with an emphasis on modern and abstract designs. We know there is an ocean of talent out there in our nation's aspiring artists, and we are looking to collaborate with art programs to encourage their students to put themselves out there and chase artistic opportunities. Our scholarship competition is open to any student artist enrolled at a participating university, college, or trade school.  Here is how it works:
  1. We assign a theme for the design.  This year's theme is WORLD MAP with an emphasis on MODERN, ABSTRACT, CONTEMPORARY or URBAN style
  2. You create your ORIGINAL masterpiece with your own artistic flavor and submit it along with a video or slide show of the piece in production) to us for judging (see submission steps & requirements below)
  3. Once all submissions are received, we choose a 1st Place Winner and at least one Runner Up
So, what's at stake..?
1st Place Winner:
  • $1000 Scholarship
  • The first 2 copies of your design digitally printed on metal - 1 for you, 1 for your school!
  • Official recognition for your portfolio
  • Product published live online with your name
  • Potential opportunity for your design to be seen by our retailers and included in their storefronts
Runner Up:
  • $250 Scholarship
  • The first copy of your design digitally printed on metal
  • Official recognition for your portfolio
  • Product published live online with your name
  • Potential opportunity for your design to be seen by our retailers and included in their storefronts

How do I participate..?
Grab your medium of choice (pencil, paintbrush, finger-paints, spray paints, stylus, mouse, etc) and just let the creative juices start to flow! Come up with your own original design based on our parameters. Take a look at the most popular designs on our website for some initial ideas of what styles are trending now. Create a video or image slideshow (or series of screenshots for graphic designers) of your piece in production - we need to see the progress of the design at various stages of production - it is a great way to introduce your design to our judges, and an easy way to prove yourself as the original artist.  Once you have finished your masterpiece, send it over to us as your official submission using the form below!

Official Submission Form

Full Name

Email Address

School Name

Official Submission: Upload Your Design File!

Click to upload a file

Please Note:  If your files are too large to upload here, please include a Dropbox link (or similar file-sharing link) below for us to download them:

URL of Progress Video/Slideshow (YouTube recommended)

Submission Requirements & File Specifications

Please review these details and specifications before submitting your design for the competition:
  • Progress Video:  You must create a progress video or image slide show of the piece in production to introduce the design and also prove that you are the original artist
  • Graphic Design vs Physical Art:  Ultimately the design must be digital, however if you are not a graphic designer it can also be painted, drawn, sketched, or created in any other manner and then photographed straight-on in high-definition (with good lighting) and converted to an appropriate digital file type using Photoshop, Illustrator, or a comparable program
  • File must be 300dpi at 60"W x 24"H (DPI is in reference to how many dots per square inch are in the file - this allows the design to effectively be printed in high resolution.)  In other words, your "canvas" should be 60"W x 24"H and the design file should be created in (or converted to) 300dpi
  • .ai or .eps file type preferred - .png or .jpg will work as long as the size and resolution is in compliance
Please email designer@metalartstudio.com if you have any questions about these steps.  Best of luck, and we look forward to reviewing your creative submissions!

Terms & Conditions:
Eligibility Requirements - Any graduating high school seniors planning to major in art, as well as any student artists currently enrolled (full or part time) in an arts program at a college, trade school or university in the United States of America is eligible for our scholarship competition. 

Submission Requirements - All designs submitted must be original work by the student and may not be a copy, replica, reproduction, or close variation of any designs from other artists found in retail stores, art galleries, publications, online, or any other source.

Submission Deadline - All submissions must be received by August 31st, 2014 in order to qualify for this scholarship competition. Submissions received after August 31st may be considered for the following year's competition. No citizenship requirements apply.

Choosing a Winner - All design submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by our panel of judges and experienced artists. Judging criteria will include compliance with requirements, creativity within assigned theme, and projected market appeal of the design. Winners will be announced within approximately 30 days of the submissions deadline. Upon verification of eligibility, the student will be notified by email of their award. The student's approved school will then receive a one-time disbursement of $1,000 as a scholarship for the winning student. The student is responsible to ensure receipt of funds by the school and notify us if such is not the case within 60 days of the announcement. NOTE: In the event that the student's school would prefer to have the award paid directly to the student as award money rather than being paid to the school as a scholarship, we will do so upon request.

Other Award Details - Winning designs will be printed on metal, just like our standard product line, and given to the student for their own use.  Size TBD based on design, shipping location, and materials available.  Winning students may reference the Metal Art Studio - Design Scholarship Competition in their professional porfolio.  Recognition given by Metal Art Studio to the winning student will be the artist's name included in the product listing.  A royalty of 5% of profit will be paid to the 1st place winner on any orders placed for their design for one calendar year after the announcement of their victory.  The opportunity to have the winning design viewed by retailers will depend on our annual design review with our retailers.

Metal Art Studio, LLC will retain the rights to use and distribute any design files that are submitted for consideration.  The winner and any runners-up will receive recognition for their design as the original artist, and the design may be made available for reproduction and sale through our wholesale and retail channels. Metal Art Studio, LLC reserves the right to terminate this contest at any time without any notice. If too few submissions are received to be competitive the scholarship committee may reduce the amount of the award, or if the committee feels as though there is not a project that meets the standards of a winning submission, they may not reward the prize at all. This scholarship program is void where prohibited.
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