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Cool-Tone Modern Art | Abstract Wall Artwork in Cool Colors

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Cool Tones - Metal Wall Art in Cool Colors
The gentle trickle of a watery stream, flowing and winding, over, under and all around, playfully tumbling pebbles along and deliciously engulfing your fingertips.  All shades of green from the competing sides of leaves overhead, blades of grass tickling between your toes, and rich shrubbery as your natural bedding.  Your own personal Eden.  Your escape.  Your crisp and flawless display.  This is how our cool color tones will define your space...

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Blackout Blue ClockBlackout Blue Clock
Blackout Green ClockBlackout Green Clock
Blue EssenceBlue Essence
Blue Silver EssenceBlue Silver Essence
Blue Stripe ClockBlue Stripe Clock
Blue/Pewter Land & SeaBlue/Pewter Land & Sea
Boiling PointBoiling Point
Chichen ItzaChichen Itza
Cool JazzCool Jazz
Cool Jazz ClockCool Jazz Clock
Cooling LinesCooling Lines
Cristo RedentorCristo Redentor
Emerald EssenceEmerald Essence
Esne CompositionEsne Composition
Green EssenceGreen Essence
Green Stripe ClockGreen Stripe Clock
Hot and ColdHot and Cold
Land & SeaLand & Sea
Land & Sea 60x24Land & Sea 60x24
Mint EssenceMint Essence
Moonlight SerenadeMoonlight Serenade
Moonlight Serenade 48x19Moonlight Serenade 48x19
Natural BalanceNatural Balance
Nature's TouchNature's Touch
Ocean ViewOcean View
Ocean View 48x19Ocean View 48x19
Red Green Blue EssenceRed Green Blue Essence
Storm ColorStorm Color
Storm EssenceStorm Essence
Turquoise EssenceTurquoise Essence
Twilight 48x19Twilight 48x19
Violet EssenceViolet Essence
Violet Stripe ClockViolet Stripe Clock
Watercolor CompositionWatercolor Composition

Introduction to Cool Colors
Cool colors are varied, versatile and abundant in nature. They are widely used and adapted in everyday life. Cool colors do not require much definition as they automatically emerge in your mind as you ponder the phrase. They are everywhere around us - probably more so than other color families - making cool colors more widely accessible and recognizable than any other color tones. Cool colors are present in the beauty of luscious trees, vastness of the limitless sky and the magnificent depths of oceans and lakes; blues and greens are dominant colors in this category.

Color Palette and Properties
One of the primary colors most commonly associated with the cool tones palette is blue. Blue is a universal symbol of calmness, peacefulness and tranquility. It has a soothing and cooling effect on you. When you close your eyes and think of cool colors, blue should instantly come to mind. Additional cool colors include green and violet. Green has the tendency to give you pleasant and relaxing feeling, and the same can be said for violet. Their common characteristics allow them to be merged, blended and mixed to create unique patterns, which are visually stunning while retaining the basic quality of cool colors. Similarly the grey tones of most other colors are also in this category because grey effectively lessens the intensity of a color, making it cooler and more approachable.

The idea behind categorizing these colors under cool tones is that they all create similar feelings, and your brain associates that feeling with these particular colors. As a result, your mood and behavior can be significantly affected by the color combination you choose for yourself. That is the reason you feel a sense of tranquility, with a somewhat therapeutic effect, upon visiting the seashore or going boating in a lake. Water can represent perfect calmness, and this quality transfers to you as you soak in its soothing properties. The same happens around budding trees, lush plant life, and crystal skis. From the mystic blue of the ocean, to the tranquil and luscious green of the trees and the velvety light blue hues of the sky, cool colors are everlasting and ever-present, acting as our companion since the beginning of mankind.

Uses and Incorporation
Cool colors are trendy, welcoming and, well, “cool”. They can be seamlessly incorporated as part of your daily life through an edgy wardrobe, meticulous artwork and welcoming furniture in your home. The assortment is extensive and the options are limitless. There is a great variety to choose from, with the freedom to create unique cool color blends of your own, showcasing your creative personality. Apart from the many shades of blue and green, soft reds, purples and yellows can be thrown into the mix to create something fresh. The remaining warmer and earthy colors can also be ‘converted’ into cooler tones by adding pink and blue hues into them. This gives you the chance to create fresh color combinations while retaining the cool color appearance. A smooth purplish pink can go surprisingly well with sky blue tint to give a tangy edge to your display. Similarly, parrot green and luscious red shade can be wondrous and glamorous at the same time.

There is an impressive array and variety of meticulous artwork painted with cool colors. The choices are plenty and the freedom is boundless. While beautiful artwork can be a great window into your personality, proper-colored artwork can shower twice as much charm on the spectator. Never underestimate the power of accent colors - the right blend of color compliments your furniture and home décor, while standing out and adding its own twist. It is crucial to select the correct colors for your wall and the surrounding décor. When the theme is cool colors, the result needs to be that of a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere which projects harmony and timeless, accentuating beauty. Be sure to choose cool colors for as the décor for a space that warrants it and let the artwork speak for itself. Your home will be a peaceful temple, ringing the sounds of serenity and humming the tune of tranquility.

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