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How to Decorate for Upscale (Style) Party | High-Class Decor on a Budget

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Art & Decorating for a Party

by Eric Waddington

When you're shopping for a new accent for your wall, it is easy to get caught up exclusively in the size and color scheme and put blinders on (even unintentionally) to what may be more important: the emotion it inspires and the effect the artwork has on those who enter your space. If you want to throw an epic party, the two most important things to nail down are the food and the decor - now I can't really help ya with the menu (just ask my wife,) but I've got the accent piece covered!

Picture this: a few friends over for a cocktail party. You probably put more pressure on yourself than you should, but hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting to a leave a memorable impression. A creative menu, tidy home, freshly-painted accent wall, and a radiant new focal point as you proudly display an abstract metal wall art panel in your great room. The occasional forced conversation and awkward silence is replaced by gushing compliments and cultured conversations about art interpretation and the source of your newfound decorating inspiration.

Let me break each step down just a bit further:
  1. Creative menu - do some searching online (start with Pinterest) and find some fun, creative, possibly themed food items that incorporate a variety of flavors, textures and COLORS.  Yes, the colors of your food are extremely important and should be well-balanced and colorful on the plate!
  2. Tidy home/space - this should go without saying, but you would be surprised at how many parties I've been to in shockingly-disorganized, and otherwise unpleasant, settings - parties that I had assumed would be well-planned and nicely-structured!
  3. Accent wall - Not as intimidating as it sounds...  Check out the discount paint rack at Lowes or Home Depot (when customers request a color that isn't matched perfectly or they change their mind).  You can find STEALS here - $5 buckets even.  Take an afternoon to paint a fun/funky accent wall for your party.  With a dropcloth and tape it only takes a few hours, and you can always paint over it again if you don't want it post-party, but if you do it right, odds are you will want to keep it =)  
  4. Focal Point/Conversation piece - get a nice piece of art up on your accent wall, an eye-catching centerpiece on the table, and some creative food-serving dishes
Success! All it takes is one such party to have everyone looking to you for decorating tips and party-throwing advice.  And that is not merely speculation - my wife and I are officially the Go-To couple in our social circle when it comes to throwing a party, and it all started with these simple steps and a couple of successful shindigs...

A High-Class Party Needn't Have a High Price Tag

Simple and creative appetizers found online, a few hours of straightening up the house, a cheap can of paint off the discount shelf, and surprisingly low-priced abstract metal wall art (frequently on sale) here on MetalArtStudio.com. Whether you are hosting at an upscale, downtown loft or a simple college apartment, you might be surprised at how easy it is to throw a Hollywood-style, high-fashion party on a modest budget...  If you're willing to put in a bit of elbow grease, you can be the one your friends all turn to for modern/contemporary/creative party decorating tips. 

Looking for an excuse to party? In addition to your standard holidays and birthdays, consider testing out your upscale party decorating skills for the following occasions.  We all love to get together with family and friends, and the best part about braching outside of your usual holidays is that your dates can be flexible and there tend to be fewer scheduling conflicts with your guests:
  • Cocktail parties
  • Homecomings/Farewells
  • Baby showers
  • Wedding showers
  • Engagements
  • Birthdays (of people, animals, notable inventions, etc)
  • Hollywood award parties
  • Anniversary parties (including anniversaries of events other than weddings: special occasions, memorable events, major achievements, etc)
  • ...and more

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