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Abstract Metal Art

The term 'abstract metal art' can be a bit intimidating to a decorator. Some of the inherent characteristics of both metals and abstract designs tend to imply sharp, intrusive and even over-powering. However these so-called characteristics of abstract metal artwork end up being nothing more than inaccurate stereotypes once the artwork is selected properly and displayed appropriately on your wall.

The metallic panels that we use for our abstract metal wall art creates a certain vibrancy that you would not otherwise get from canvas. A shiny metal surface is inherently more reflective of light, and this light reflection shines through the semi-transparent paints brilliantly, giving the abstract design more life and crisper colors. It is like converting a typical painting into high-definition!

With the proper balance of colors, textures and themes in your room, you will find that a beautiful abstract metal wall piece such as the artwork displayed below will convert a simple space into a modern masterpiece.

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Watercolor CompositionWatercolor Composition
Urban WallsUrban Walls
Tropical Sunset 48x19Tropical Sunset 48x19
Tropical SunsetTropical Sunset
Sunny DaysSunny Days
Storm ColorStorm Color
Storm Black & WhiteStorm Black & White
Red/Pewter Land & Sea v2Red/Pewter Land & Sea v2
Rainbow Seasons 48x19Rainbow Seasons 48x19
Rainbow SeasonsRainbow Seasons
Ocean View 48x19Ocean View 48x19
Ocean ViewOcean View
Mother EarthMother Earth
Momentum 48x19Momentum 48x19
Interlude 48x19Interlude 48x19
Implosion 48x19Implosion 48x19
Hot JazzHot Jazz
Grace and Virtue 48x19Grace and Virtue 48x19
Grace and VirtueGrace and Virtue
Esne CompositionEsne Composition
Cyber SpaceCyber Space
Cooling LinesCooling Lines
Cool JazzCool Jazz
City Silhouette 48x19City Silhouette 48x19
City SilhouetteCity Silhouette
Bright LightsBright Lights
Boiling PointBoiling Point
American Glory 48x19American Glory 48x19
American GloryAmerican Glory

Abstract Metal Wall Art

Each of these designs is carefully crafted by its respective abstract artist to represent real emotions and achieve unique decorating goals for the contemporary designer. Many of these pieces leave the viewer with the opportunity to interpret their meaning in various ways, depending on their mood and sentiments at the time. That is one of the most exciting features of abstract paintings.

If you are looking to decorate your walls with abstract decor yet are feeling inadequate in your ability to judge which piece would best fit your space, please do not hesitate to contact us and our professional designers would be happy to give you some quick advice. Your first step, however, should be to browse through the artwork, click on the various images (most will also have a photograph of the abstract artwork on the wall of a living room or bedroom) and see which pieces catch your eye and draw you in. The emotional connection with your artwork is the first step to making your selection!

Let yourself get lost in the design. Allow the sculpture to speak to you and present itself in all of its glory. The decor that you choose for your home has the potential to make or break the ambiance of a room - find a piece of spectacular abstract metalwork and you will see how the room elevates as a result.

Since abstract art can vary so dramatically, our creations evolve from numerous artists for this category and we consistently review designs from new talent. Our goal is to effectively represent the strong emotions and bold statements that abstract art is so commonly associated with. We achieve this through unique color palettes, creative design patterns and textures, unorthodox panel sizing, and curious designs. Our abstract displays tend to demand attention, and as such are commonly used as powerful accent pieces in trendy restaurants, modern hotels, nightclubs, and edgy urban spaces.

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