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About Us

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About Us | Modern, Abstract & Urban Art | Made in USA

We design all of our artwork in house and create it form start to finish right here in our studios in the USA.  Nicholas Yust is one of the most collected metal artists in the world, and his hand-crafted metal art is sold worldwide.  He is the co-owner of Metal Art Studio and, naturally, our lead designer.  We also have designs contributed by other artists and our inhouse designers.

Our primary presence is in both Ohio and Utah. We have been involved in the modern art and interior design scene for nearly 15 years and have the talent, experience and tools at our disposal to ensure a wonderful experience for each and every client who chooses to decorate with our metal wall paintings.

As we have represented various artist through the years, we have placed metal wall art and floor sculptures in homes, restaurants, hotels, universities, offices, lobbies, galleries and businesses of all size. We strive to provide high-end artwork, quality products, and outstanding customer service all at affordable prices.

A Message from the Owner

"I have been fascinated by various forms of art since I was young. My father is a history buff and always appreciated classic paintings and ancient architecture. My mother is an exceptionally talented pianist, which paved the way for my heavy involvement in music, including some piano, cello, bassoon, percussion, and bass guitar myself. I have always enjoyed drawing and any type of creative expression.

In recent years I have become heavily involved in digital media and graphic design. My primary focus now is to work in conjunction with other artists and galleries to showcase the artwork of not only my own design, but that of some extremely talented artists in my inner-circle."

Eric Waddington
Designer/Director - Metal Art Studio, LLC

About the Artists | Nicholas Yust

As I mentioned earlier Nicholas Yust is one of the most collected metal artists in the world, and his hand-crafted metal art is sold worldwide.  He is the co-owner of Metal Art Studio, and he comes up with the majority of designs in our lineup.  His master of all things metal and his eye for creative, trend-setting designs makes him the obvious choice for our lead designer.

He contribues designs in three basic ways: first, he creates some designs himself and takes HD photographs that we then reproduce in bulk.  Second, he creates other designs by hand and teaches our production team to recreate them.  And finally, with some designs he comes up with a concept or a sketch and works with our graphic designers to create a digital version that we are able to produce.  Needless to say, without his contributions our product line would be very slim!

About the Artists | Emley

Emley is an extremely talented abstract artist who specializes in extreme artistic treatments on canvas. Many of her designs feature unbelievable depth, texture, and shadowing due to the reaction of the thick paints. She also has creative, watery designs that seem to flow off the surface. She is a fellow Cincinnati artist (like Nicholas) and teamed up with us to create a line of metal art using high definition photographs of her paintings, and applying them with our techniques to aluminum and steel.

Here is a message from Emley, in her own words:

"My modern cutting edge images are extremely organic. My work contains excessive textural detail, fluid movement and powerful energy. I found my bliss and life’s calling as a small girl, growing up on a farm among pastures, forests, flowers, streams, rivers, rocks, bugs and animals and fossils, inspired to express my discoveries as I marveled at Mother Nature’s endless creativity at all levels of detail. After graduation from The Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1993, where my passions were photography and sculpture, I began to incorporate mixed media with the black and white photography and gravitated over the next decade to painting also. My black and white photography and abstract expressionism images are powerful and hold a wall boldly."

Metal Art Studio - Contributing Artist

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