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More than Just Metal! How is it Made..?

As you might expect, it all starts with the design. In reference to our colored metal designs specifically, we have numerous highly-talented artists who contribute designs to our lineup. The artists will create a new design in one of two ways: either by actually painting it on metal or canvas, or by creating it digitally using a graphic design program.  If the image is originally painted, then the next step is to take high-resolution photographs of the design to convert it to a digital file.

Once we have a digital file of the artwork (either through original graphic design or through photographing a hand-painted design) we get a sheet of metal, acrylic or canvas ready for a giclée printing application. Using our ultra high-end 8'x4' high resolution flatbed printer, we lay out the media on the vaccuum table and suction it in place to ensure a crisp, clear image. Next, we map out the design digitally to either print accross the surface of the metal or canvas, or we flip the image to apply it to the backside of a sheet of transparent acrylic. The acrylic colors are UV-cured as they are applied, which protects them from fading and fuses them to the media. The completed artwork is gorgeous, with vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, crisp finishes, sturdy construction, and perhaps most importantly, the modern appeal that make our metal wall art a staple in contemporary decorating.

One thing we like to point out is that our artwork has various finishes:

  • Giclée on Metal: satin-matte finish
  • Reverse-Printed Acrylic: high-gloss finish
  • Giclée on Canvas: satin-matte finish
  • Layered Metal Decor: exposed metallic finish
  • Solid Colored Clocks: semi-gloss powder-coated finish
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our artwork.
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